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ALG is a hyper application blockchain that merges AI and blockchain technology, with a keen emphasis on the genuine service level of the network, tailored specifically for DApps.
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Welcome to ALG
What ALG wants to do is to connect the future and the past, to connect parallel spacetime with real spacetime, and to bring this revelation back to the real world in the dimensions of time and space. ALG inherits the design thinking of the Xanadu project from a scientific and philosophical perspective, deconstructs and reorganizes Ted Nelson's great idea, uses blockchain to carry this great dream, and realizes the mapping and development of the Xanadu project in the real world.
DA Predictive Switching
Ecosystem Information Shunting
Self-Relief of the Public Blockchain
Custom Data Services
The mission of ALG is reflected in the realization of two beautiful visions. The first is to bridge the information utopia depicted by Xanadu with reality, and the second is to bridge blockchain technology with applications.
Players can earn rewards through trading virtual land, advertising, staking, and other means.
One of the coolest voice social apps that allows Web3 users to tweet with voice, creatively integrating with NFTs to form a voice metaverse.
WOLVES is positioned as a Web3-native platform combining Trello (a task management tool), Resume, and a bounty platform, allowing users to post tasks or sign up for tasks listed by others.
Growth DAO
Game Arcade
Targets the specific needs of blockchain game users for timely information, relevant data, and secure assets to cultivate a vibrant and engaged blockchain gaming community.
Maximize financial growth with YieldFi, a platform for decentralized finance tools like yield farming and asset management.
Algen Swap streamlines crypto trading with instant swap capabilities and low fees, ensuring a superior and cost-effective trading experience.
Convert loyalty points into rewards quickly and easily with PrizeLink, increasing user satisfaction and retention.
Point Redemption
AlgenScan offers precise tracking and analysis of blockchain transactions, empowering users with greater insights and control over their digital assets.
Blockchain Browser
Hyper Application Blockchain
ALG proposes a hyper application blockchain concept, featuring strong interoperability and layered information processing, using a streamlined verification mechanism to ensure services and applications, and focusing on liquidity and service levels rather than value locking.
Self-Relief of the Blockchain
To adjust the information grading standards according to its own operating conditions and actual situations, preventing information overload.
Ecosystem Info Shunting
To build a data analysis mechanism based on a LLM, shunts ecosystem information, and determines that application data directly executes data availability under L2.
Custom Data Services
ASDO scheme allows users to make choices in terms of data availability.
DA Predictive switching
To predict a rapid cooling of the market,avoiding Rollup, and switching to the L1 direct verification mode.
Artificial Intelligence
To improve the service level of blockchain, organically responsible for both improving efficiency and maintaining fairness.
Voice DID
The collected voiceprint is the user's unique biological feature, and Voice DID combines voiceprint with blockchain technology.